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MassageLeg™ Air Leg Massager for Pain Relief
MassageLeg™ Air Leg Massager for Pain Relief

MassageLeg™ Air Leg Massager for Pain Relief

$349.99 $199.99
5,000+ Happy Customers

Discover our MassageLeg™ Air Leg Massager

Do you want to alleviate pain, accelerate recovery, and help you fully relax?

Know that you can go hard on leg day and not have to take time off from the gym! Rest your legs after a thorough routine with the MassageLeg™ from ClubFit Plus.


 Main benefits of using MassageLeg™

Compression massage reduces inflammation and stops pain signals.

What MassageLeg™ help you combat

Our MassageLeg™ leg massager helps combat blood pooling and restless leg syndrome. It also fights cellulitevaricosity and trigger points.


6 different Massage Modes to Relax your Muscles

Choose between 6 air compression massage modes to find the right settings for you. Add to your recovery experience with 3 intensity levels and heat settings. This triple threat combination of air compression, massage therapy, and heat can reduce swelling, sore muscles, and circulation.


Simple Control 

Comfortably wrap your legs in each adjustable massager wrap controlled by the LCD controller.

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